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                                                                         DC12V/24V/100AMP/3.5" lcd display 
                            FOR 2400W SOLAR PANEL, ACCEPT 18V TO 34V solar panel


Systerm current100A
No load losses<5mA
Charging circuit voltage dropLess than or equal to 0.20V
Discharge circuit voltage dropLess than or equal to 0.15V
Over voltage protection17V/34V
boost charge voltage14v/29.2v
Direct charge voltage14.4v/28.8v
Float charge voltage13.5v/27.2v
Charge recover voltage13.2v/26.4v
Over discharge recover voltage12.5v/25v
Lower voltage indication12v/24v
Over discharge voltage11.1v/22.2v

The above controller we call smart controller, all the situations you can see it by your eyes very clear, 
a lot customer use controller, but you dont know real watt & amp, you need to use amp tester to get the amp, 
that's real not convenience, what this controller let you know your solar panel, battery situations with 3.5LCD
display, that's big, you dont need take off your glass to see, so with this smart controller, you will real understand
how your solar bring you the power!

Maximum Power Point Tracking Technology

The controller uses Buck conversion circuit and MCU technology to track the maximum power point to implement the maximum output power of solar panels 

in different illemination intensity and temperature . The MPPT algorithm increases efficiency of your PV system and decreases the quantity of solar panels

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2400W Solar panel Controller Regulator 12V/ 24V,LCD

  • Product Code: SC-2400-100A
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